St Clare’s College has a range of  facilities that cater for the needs of our students in a 21st Century context. We are continually looking to improve the site as a whole so that staff and students are provided with learning spaces that enable them to maximise their time in and out of the classroom.

Technology is an integral part of each student’s learning at the College. Sydney Catholic Schools has invested heavily on infrastructure to support 1:1 learning with state of the art wireless systems being installed across all their schools. They have also increased bandwidth capability to ensure staff and students are able to maximise learning opportunities in the classroom without disruption.

The College also continues to invest heavily in supporting the use of technology.  All classrooms now have the latest Epson Interactive Short Throw projectors linked to Apple TV, enabling staff and students to share their learning experiences at any time.

During 2016 the College embarked on a journey that saw a number of classrooms upgraded. The purchase of writable tables, flexible furniture options and bright wall colours saw the College begin to transform into a 21st Century learning environment. By the end of 2018 all classrooms around the College had been completely refurbished. The transformation of the physical spaces across the College in this time has been phenomenal.

The completion of the renovation of our Library space in 2018 was the culmination of over twelve months of planning. Our vision was to create a space where students can immerse themselves in 21st Century technologies.  The space now provides students with a range of learning spaces to work both collaboratively and individually. It is a place where students come to meet and work together. Exactly what a library in the 21st Century should look like.

At the end of 2018 further upgrades were commenced in both the Drama and Music spaces and both were completed during 2019. At the end of 2019 the College took possession of the Convent building that the Poor Clare Sisters had occupied for many generations. Parts of the building are in the process of being upgraded to be used as learning spaces in 2020.

At the end of 2018 further upgrades were commenced in both the Drama and Music spaces. Our Drama space has had a complete refurbishment being extended and equipped with the latest technology to allow our students a specialised performance space. The new Music precinct is almost complete and students should have full access to the space before the end of Term 1.


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