St Clare’s College offers a wide range of subjects that provides students with the opportunity to gain confidence and engage in experiences that promote lifelong learning. Students are challenged to develop their academic and social skills in nurturing surroundings.

Students engage in a predominantly compulsory curriculum in Years 7 to 10. Stage 6 provides an opportunity for significant student choice. At St Clare’s College, we endeavour to cater to all students through the breadth of curriculum offered.

Students Years 7 to 10 Curriculum (Stages 4 and 5)

  • Compulsory Subjects for students Years 7 and 8

Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Human Society, and its Environment, Personal Development Health and Physical Education, Technology (Mandatory), French or Italian, Music and Visual Arts.

  • Compulsory Subjects for Year 9 and 10

Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Sport.

  • Elective Subjects for Years 9 and 10

The following subjects are offered based on student demand: Commerce, Elective History, French, Italian, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Photography and Digital Media, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Information, and Software Technology, iStem, Textiles Technology, and Physical Activity and Sports Studies.

Students Years 11 and 12 Curriculum – Higher School Certificate (Stage 6)

  • Compulsory Subjects for students Years 11 and 12

Studies of Religion (either 1 or 2 Unit) or Catholic Studies, English – Standard, Advanced or English Studies.

Elective Subjects for Years 11 and 12

The following subjects are offered based on student demand: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Senior Science, Ancient History, Modern History, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Legal Studies, Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Personal Development Health and Physical Education, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Hospitality, Industrial Technology, Multimedia Technologies, Textiles and Design, French (Beginners and Continuers) and Italian (Beginners and Continuers), Visual Design, Sports Lifestyle and Recreation, Photography, Community and Family Studies, Society and Culture, Aboriginal Studies.

Extension courses are offered in English, Mathematics, History.

Vocational Educational Courses in Year 11 and 12 (on-site) – We offer Hospitality and Entertainment Industry.

TAFE Courses in Years 11 and 12 (off-site). Students can access a wide variety of TAFE courses that provide training in a future career. There are a number of TAFE Colleges where St Clare’s students can complete courses in Years 11 and 12.

Newman Stream

As part of our commitment to addressing differentiation, St Clare’s is introducing the Newman Stream in 2019. Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) initiated the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program in 2011 as a response to ensuring educational equity was achieved for gifted learners in both Catholic Primary and Secondary schools. It is a program that seeks to address the learning needs of high-performing students in a targeted way, extending and enriching the curriculum for students who have demonstrated capacity and ability.

The College aims to provide an academic environment for students and provides professional learning for staff to continually be skilled in Gifted and Talented education in order to achieve an authentic enriched teaching program.

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