The wellbeing of every St Clare’s girl is one of our highest priorities. The College-wide Pastoral Care program is designed to develop a range of life skills to assist our students in dealing with many of the daily challenges life can present and is based on the Positive Education framework of PROSPER (Noble and McGrath). The PROSPER acronym stands for Positivity, Relationships, Outcomes, Strengths, Purpose, Engagement, and Resilience.

Positive behaviours and the development of the emotional literacy of our students are the focus of the pastoral program. The program draws upon a positive psychology approach. Other evidence-based programs such as The Resourceful Adolescent Program, Peer Support, and Mind Matters provide opportunities for the development of leadership, resiliency, and other life skills.

The Pastoral Care program involves one period per cycle where students meet in their groups according to their House and Year group. The activities are tailored according to the needs of each group as specific issues are addressed regularly to meet the student needs as student voice is highly valued at St Clare’s.

Sydney Catholic Schools Student Wellbeing Hub

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care Policy

Anti- Bullying Policy

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