Principal’s Message

It is with great pleasure, as College Principal, to welcome you to the St Clare’s College Community. 

Rich in history and tradition, St Clare’s College was established in 1884 and is  grounded in the teachings of St Clare and St Francis of Assisi. Central to our College life and learning are the values of our Catholic faith. These are nurtured by the Franciscan tradition and captured by our school motto “Deus meus et omnia” (My God in all things).

As a College we believe that it is our duty to develop a holistic approach to learning that truly prepares students for the challenges and opportunities that await them beyond the school gates. To this end the College has a collective vision that reflects a commitment to ‘future focused learning.’ We believe that an explicit focus on the ‘knowledge arts,’ which consists of learning to learn, critical thinking, collaboration, the skills of inquiry, communication, reasoning, problem-solving and creativity are integral to student success.

Our focus centres on valuing integrity and inspiring excellence and our rigorous academic program is complimented by a wellbeing program that emphasises positive psychology and restorative practice. When a student walks through the gates of our College they are welcomed by an inclusive community that is committed to the development of resilient, respectful and responsible citizens. 

The College staff are highly professional and their commitment underpins the warmth and strength of this school community. We know how important good relationships are in an educational setting and how a girl’s education flourishes when there are strong partnerships between the School and the home. 

We are blessed to have the opportunity to walk alongside the young women of St Clare’s and watch them blaze a trail of discovery and success. May the light of St Clare inspire and guide them throughout their time here and stay with them throughout their lifelong learning journey.

Mrs Kerrie McDiarmid

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