Religious Education

St Clare’s College Waverley is a Catholic community invigorated by the Franciscan charism and committed to maintaining our Franciscan tradition. Our College proudly proclaims our heritage in all aspects of our existence and calls us to follow in the footsteps of St Clare of Assisi and embrace the qualities of truth, humility, prudence and charity in order to mirror Christ. Our College is committed to the evangelising mission of the Church and seeks to educate our young women in the spirit of St Clare

Our girls regularly engage in the Catholic life of the school. We recognise that prayer, meditation, liturgy, reflection days and overnight retreats are vital components of our existence.

Our College continues to educate our girls to respect human dignity and to exercise compassion for the oppressed and the environment. We seek to communicate with God by reaching out to those who are most vulnerable and this is reflected in the myriad of social justice projects, which are initiated by our students.

Our Religious Education Curriculum follows the Sydney Archdiocesan Religious Education model which ensures that teaching and learning is dynamic and authentic and allows students to grow in their faith. Students are able to reflect on life experiences, bring meaning to these experiences and hence live their faith.

One of the highlights of the year is the College Opening Mass at the Mary Immaculate Church here in Waverley.  Led by our College Chaplain Fr Bernie, we welcome all new students and staff to the St Clare’s family. The Eucharistic celebration is always a wonderful way to begin our journey of faith.

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