Uniform and Grooming

St Clare’s College places emphases on the development of the whole person as an individual and as a member of the broader community. As such the College uniform identifies the students as being part of this community. The College has high standards and expectations in relation to wearing the uniform. It affords students with a sense of belonging and pride.

College Uniform

  • Blazer
    • To be worn to and from college in Terms 2 and 3
    • To be worn on formal occasions
    • Optional in Terms 1 and 4
  • Vests and Cardigans
    • Optional
    • Not to be worn outside the college without the Blazer
  • College Socks
    • Terms 1 to 4
  • College Stockings
    • Optional
  • College Scarf
    • Optional in Terms 2 and 3
  • College Back Pack
    • Terms 1 to 4
  • Shoes
    • Plain black low heeled leather lace up or buckled shoes (no ballet shoes)
  • Junior Uniform – Yrs 7 -10
    • Terms 1 and 4 – Summer Dress
    • Terms 2 and 3 – College Tunic and Blouse
  • Senior Uniform – Yrs 11, 12
    • Senior Skirt
    • Senior Blouse
  • College Sports Uniform
    • Hat
    • Socks
    • Bag
    • House Shirt
    • Shorts
    • Track Suit
    • Jersey (optional)
    • Clean appropriate sports shoes (no slip ons or Converse).
    • Note: Sports uniform may be worn to and from College on the Year group’s practical PE / sports day only.
    • Students must wear either the full College uniform or the full College sports uniform. (no mixing and matching).

Uniform and Grooming Requirements

The College diary provides some clear guidelines in relation to the expectations we have regarding uniform.

  • Students are required to ensure their tunics are of an appropriate length (at the knee).
  • Sports uniforms are only to be worn on designated sports, PE or PASS days. Please do not write notes for students allowing them to wear the incorrect uniform as those failing to wear the correct uniform on a regular basis, even with a note, will be issued with a Tuesday detention.
  • Hair is to be neat and tidy and tied back if shoulder length or longer. No excessive streaks or dying will be permitted. A student’s hair is to be as close to their own natural colour as possible.
  • Nose piercings, facial piercings, cartilage piercings, tongue piercings or second piercings are not permitted. Earrings are to be simple studs or sleepers.

Parents may be contacted to bring in the correct uniform if students are not in the correct uniform.


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