Uniform and Grooming

The College Uniform identifies the student with the College.  It is worn to the College daily and must also be worn to College functions out of school hours, when required. All uniform articles other than school shoes and sports shoes ​must​ be purchased from the College Uniform Shop. 

Item Requirement
Junior Uniform Years 7-10  Term 1 and 4 – Summer dress 

Term 2 and 3 – Winter tunic, white College blouse, College Blazer 

Senior Uniform Years 11-12  Terms 1 to 4 – College Senior skirt, white College blouse. Blazer to be worn in Terms 2 and 3 
Blazer To be worn to and from school in Terms 2 and 3 

To be worn at all College formal occasions such as College Mass and academic assemblies.  

Optional in Terms 1 and 4 

Vest and Cardigan Vests and cardigans are optional 

Vests and cardigan cannot be worn outside of the College unless under the College Blazer 

Spray Jacket The College spray jacket is a compulsory uniform item 
Socks and Stockings Summer Uniform – Navy ankle length school socks 

Winter Uniform – Navy ankle length socks or Navy opaque stockings Sports Uniform – White ankle length school socks 

Winter Coat Optional in Terms 2 and 3. Only the College Winter Coat is permitted 
Scarf Optional in Terms 2 and 3. Only the College scarf is permitted 
Backpack and Excursion Bag  Only the College backpack is permitted as the school bag.  

The College excursion bag is compulsory for PDHPE activities and excursions. No other bag is permitted for these events 

Shoes Summer and Winter Dress uniform – plain black low heeled lace up school shoes. No ballet flats, shoes with buckles or mid heeled shoes 

Sports uniform – Appropriate sport shoes. No slip on, Converse-style, Vans, Volleys or similar. No black soled shoes. 

Sports Uniform House sports shirt, sport shorts, sport hat, sports tracksuit pants, sports jumper.  The Sports jumper is not to be worn with the regular College uniform. Appropriate sport shoes. No slip on, Converse-style, Vans, Volleys or similar. No black soled shoes. Sports uniform can only be worn on days when students have timetabled PE practical classes. 

The Sports uniform is to be worn when the student is representing the school at any co-curricular or representative sport.  

Undergarments Undergarments must be flesh or white coloured under the Senior Blouses and must not be visible. 
Hat The College PE hat must be worn to all PE classes. Students are advised to wear their PE hat when in the sun at recess and lunch. 
Uniform Length College dresses, tunics and skirts must be KNEE LENGTH 
Hair Hair must be clean, neat, tidy and of your natural colour. Hair longer than the uniform collar must be tied back and off the face. Only black, brown or navy hair ties can be used. Ribbons can be navy, maroon or white. 
Jewellery Students are permitted to wear a small single stud or small hoop earring in the bottom lobe of each ear. No other piercings in the ear or face are permitted. Plastic piercing covers are not permitted. 

Students are permitted to wear a simple, discrete chain with a religious symbol of personal significance. The chain must not be visible. 

A watch is allowed.  

No other jewellery or piercings are permitted at any time. 

Tattoos Visible tattoos are not permitted 
Make-Up Students are not permitted to wear make-up of any type at any time. Fake eyelashes are also not permitted. 
Nails Acrylic nails, nail polish of any colour, including white are not permitted. 

No alternate items of clothing are permitted at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, black sports tights, coloured hooded jumpers, non College scarves and non College backpacks or bags. All matters regarding uniform and grooming expectations are subject to the Principal’s discretion. 

The Uniform Shop is located opposite the Student Services Office. Current price list. 

Commencing Term 1, 2020, Uniform Shop hours are: 

Tuesdays 2.45pm – 4.00pm
Wednesdays 7.30am – 9.45am
Thursdays 2.45pm – 4.00pm 

Please contact the Uniform Shop via Email: ​lynda.furka@syd.catholic.edu.au 

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