Youth Ministry

St Clare’s College Youth Ministry offers opportunities for our young women to engage with many varied experiences of faith, service and community. It focuses on empowering students to serve those less fortunate in our community and the broader community.

This programme offers a range of opportunities for our students to use their gifts. These include:

    • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
    • Catechists
    • Nursing Home Visits
    • Immersion Trips
    • Social Justice Initiatives
    • Reflection Days
    • Retreats
    • Masses

There are many events happening in 2018 for students to get involved in the Youth Ministry program. EastFest 2018 took place on Friday 23rd February at Champagnat Catholic College, Pagewood. The highlight for many was the appearance of Fr Rob Galea.

EASTFEST is Back! At St Clare’s!! Come Alive Worship Band, young Fr McCaughan leading reflection, cappuccinos with the Capuchin Friars’ and free food! Spread the word!

Eastfest flyer Final

The Y Factor Camp will be happening again this year. It is a great way for students to meet other young people and participate in camping activities. We have an immersion to Arnhem Land on the horizon for later this year involving our Year 10 and 11 students. World Youth Day in Panama 2019 is soon approaching. Any student still interested is asked to contact for more details.


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