Year 7 Music Incursion

On Wednesday, May 4, Year 7 were treated to an interactive African drumming workshop presented by “Salaka”.

The “Salaka” Ensemble is one of West Africa’s top cultural troupes and the name means “sharing” in the Ga language of Ghana.

The workshop immersed students in the rich culture and rhythms of Africa in an entertaining and educational way. The students learnt a traditional African song to accompany the drumming rhythm and experienced African dancing. The show introduced students to an array of traditional African instruments of all shapes and sounds, including the ‘talking drum’, djembe drum, kpanlogo drum, box drum, bells and shakers.

Modern and relevant issues that affect children and families in developing African countries were discussed in a positive way through music, from performers who spoke from direct experience. The folk tales and stories that were integrated throughout the show, gave students an informed perspective on village life and culture in Africa. This was a meaningful and valuable way for students to gain cultural sensitivity for their counterparts on the other side of the world.

All of Year 7 participated in the drumming, dancing and singing.

Thank you to the teachers who also participated with such enthusiasm.

Vanessa Hurley

CAPA Teacher

Click here to see a video of the incursion

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