Poor Clares’ Day Mass

November 23 marks the 133rd anniversary of the arrival of the Poor Clare Sisters to Sydney from Ireland in 1883. Every year we remember this day with a special Mass during which also expresses our love and appreciation to our current Poor Clare Sisters.

This year Fr Paul Ghanem ofm joined us for the first time and gave a beautiful Homily asking us to “Do what we have always done and hold what we have always held” – in the words of St Clare. His uplifting talk raised our spirits and inspired us to be who we are in the best way we can.

Our current Poor Clare Sisters were each presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers and an alter arrangement was given for the Chapel. Next year is the 100th anniversary of the Chapel which will be celebrated all year with numerous events.

Thank you and God bless you Poor Clare Sisters!

The Illuminated Address presented to the Poor Clare Sisters in 1883 as they disembarked from their ship (the HMAS Cuzco) after arriving in Sydney Harbour.


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