Gamification in Year 9 Religion

Our Year 9 students recently completed a task involving interpretation of the Psalms. Options for presentation were left to the students and given the talent of many of the girls at St Clare’s it was no surprise to see some amazing creativity demonstrated.

One of the standout presentations was created by Janice and Annabelle. Their interpretation of Psalm 8 was through the use of Unity. Unity is an open source cross-platform game engine that allows users to create games that can be played on more than twenty-seven platforms. Both Janice and Annabelle attended last year’s Game Roadshow and have continued to develop their skills in their IST class.

Their idea was to create a game that fellow students could play to learn more about Psalm 8 and how it connects with our lives today.

It is a credit to their teacher, Ms Sonego, who allowed the girls the opportunity to express their creativity through a medium they love. This is exactly the type of ‘risk taking’ we expect from our staff at St Clare’s. Some of the most amazing student work we have seen has been when teachers allow students to take control of their learning.

These are a few screenshots of the work created by Janice and Annabelle. We look forward to sharing more of this work in coming days.

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