Year 8 Wide Reading 2017

Last term, Year 8 was given the task to select a book from the library and create a ‘showbag’ for it. To do this, we had to read our book of choice, and create a bag filled with a book review, photos, character cards and almost anything related to the book. I was amazed by the creative things that my classmates put into their showbags. There were advertisements, souvenirs from the hometowns of the characters, and even plans for film adaptations.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this assessment task thoroughly, because it exercised my ability to think creatively and allowed me to rediscover reading. I don’t often have time to read with all of my homework and extracurriculars, but this task gave me an excuse to read, and that is the aspect of the assignment that I most enjoyed. I am very excited to be doing it again this term.

Charlie Gilmour

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