Authentic Learning

Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese are called to nurture students’ love of learning through a Catholic pedagogy that fosters the development of the intellect, moral knowledge, understanding and reasoning in a relational, social and cultural context. (Archbishops Charter for Catholic Schools, 2011)

In 2015 Sydney Catholic Schools launched their Statement on Authentic Learning. This document provides a framework for the type of learning that should be taking place within a Catholic school. Authentic Learning is learning which is relevant, purposeful and engaging. It is learning that connects students to the world around them, enabling them to become lifelong learners capable of making significant contributions to the world around them.

At St Clare’s we are investing heavily in making our learning ‘authentic’. We are constantly looking for ways to connect our students to the real world and make the learning process relevant to their lives and experiences. We look for inspiration and advice from experts across the educational spectrum who seek innovative ways of making learning relevant in a rapidly changing society.

We have created an ‘Authentic Learning’ blog where the wider College community can share in our learning journey. The blog showcases examples of the teaching and learning happening inside the College. It also highlights some of the issues that face educational institutions in society today. We hope you enjoy experiencing some of the wonderful ‘authentic learning’ experiences that are provided to students at St Clare’s.

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