Year 7 History

This term all Year Seven students have been working on their History Assessment Task. We have been working really hard looking up lots of information on our chosen topic. We had to choose one out of four topics, After Life and the Gods, Mummification, Royal Family/Leadership and Architecture. We worked in groups of three to five students.

We had to make a sculpture and write an information card on our chosen topic. My group and chose Mummification. We made a mummy, an Egyptian mask, canopic jars and mummified animals. Year Seven put a lot of effort and hard work into all of these sculptures to try and make them look like they had come from Egypt and any other countries as well. We have learnt so much about Mummification! It has really helped us all develop our understanding of what being mummified meant in Ancient Egypt. We also learnt about who makes Egyptian masks and what the purpose was as well as discovering the role canopic jars played and how they came to be part of Ancient Egyptian culture.

When we were setting up our displays in the College Library we were able to read everyone else’s information cards. These gave us a lot of ideas and facts about topics we had not explored which was very useful.

Our fantastic sculptures should be in a Museum they are that good. The information cards provide excellent background on each item on display and as you can see from the gallery below the items presented are a great tribute to our class and our wonderful teacher Mrs King.

Mia Johnston

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