Learning Spaces

In a previous post we highlighted some of the changes we had made to our learning spaces during the last holiday period. One room in particular was set up to encourage greater collaboration in the classroom.

Room O42 had a number of monitors installed around the walls to see if this was something that would prove useful in the classroom. This is a concept we saw in a number of learning spaces during our school visits last term.

Our Director of Teaching and Learning, Mr Maoudis is helping lead this initiative and today structured his lesson in Year 11 Studies of Religion to maximise the potential this facility offers. (As it was a fundraising day the students were permitted to wear casual clothing.)

What we like about this facility is that it maintains a passive space. You don’t have students constantly moving around trying to see other’s screens. While movement during a lesson is a good thing it can be a problem when rooms are small or there are large groups accessing the space.

We have thought about incorporating this feature into the upgrade of our ‘library space’. Essentially this room is being used a tool to provide valuable feedback which will inform our design team as they reimagine our ‘library space’.

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