Kickstart Chemistry

Our HSC Chemistry class spent time at University of Sydney’s School of Chemistry last week participating in the Kickstart Chemistry program. This initiative is designed to inspire students and to let them explore the exciting side of Chemistry.

Our students were made to feel very welcome by wonderful staff who assisted them with the experiments allowing students to see a range of demonstrations using analytical equipment. The students also had the opportunity to use an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer while completing ‘hands on’ experiments using analytical instruments and chemicals not readily available to high schools.

In our two hour workshops the students completed an experiment to measure the percentage of sulfate found in lawn fertiliser as well as performing a titration to find the hardness of a water sample.

The School of Chemistry used a wide range of scientific equipment  to demonstrated a number of procedures to the students. These include atomic absorption spectrometers, gas chromatographs, infrared spectrometers, mass spectrometers, as well as all types of glassware and chemicals for any type of experiment. 

We hope exposure to this level of chemical inquiry will lead some of our students to pursue a career in areas like chemical engineering.

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