Year 9 Religion Project

This term, our class 9.1 was grateful to have the opportunity to extend our learning in Religious Education. Our class was selected to develop a series of creative aids that focused on the history of St Clare’s College and how it will continue to thrive as a community. To ensure all areas of The Saint Clare’s community was thoroughly researched; the class was divided into six groups that focussed on one key area. 9.1 was honoured to speak to the local nuns as well and our priest, Father Bernie from the Parish and give our class insight on common issues that the Catholic church faces today and how these issues are impacting upon the community.

These creative aids were composed by our class for a significant purpose because the nuns are sadly leaving the school community and our school decided it would be a memorable gift to award the nuns with an appreciation for the inspiration and influence they have been in our Catholic community. Along with this opportunity; 9.1 was able to access many technological tools that became an aid when presenting our information. Access to these tools also helped us extend our ICT skills. The importance of using different technological mediums became crucial as we found out that the Poor Clare sisters would like a multimedia document that they can pass down throughout generations meaning our final product has to be new, innovative and interesting.

Our class strongly feels that this experience was vital to our knowledge of the Catholic church as well as being very meaningful and interesting to learn about. One student said ‘We are learning more about the nuns that founded our school and other poor clare sister schools. We are finding information about how their big journey from Ireland in 1883 to now.’ We are also showcasing how this topic is a key area of Catholic education’. Many people of the class strongly believed that they will take away a wider knowledge and a more thorough understanding of the Poor Clare Sisters mission and impact upon the Catholic Church as well as our school community. We are all so thankful for being given the responsibility of completing this project and hope that our final product is well received.

Annabelle Wendler

Maggie Carr

Year 9

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