Year 9 RE Project Update

Ms Sonego’s Year 9 class spent this morning in the company of Sr Louise osc, Sister Pia osc, Sister Joanne osc and Fr Bernie ofm. The current unit all Year 9’s are looking at is ‘The History of the Catholic Church in Australia’ with Ms Sonego’s class examining the topic through the eyes of The Poor Clare order.

The class have been working in groups responding to different aspects of the topic. They were given the freedom to use any medium they liked to respond to the task. A couple of groups have used the green screen to add a little more creativity to their presentation. Here is a sample of their work.

It was a wonderful morning for all involved and we thank Fr Bernie and the Sisters for giving up their time this morning to share stories and advice with our girls. This is just the start of a bigger project where we capture more stories from the Sisters as they prepare to move to a new community over the next twelve to eighteen months.

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