Facility Upgrade

Over the last break we continued the upgrade of a number of spaces around the College.

Our Science Labs had new projectors, whiteboards and sound system installed to complete the refurbishment of this space. Last term we purchased writable tables for each lab to make collaboration a much simpler process. In Lab 3 we have completely revamped the space with data projectors at the front and rear of the room to enable multiple activities to be happening within the space. The rear projector is interactive which is essential with the number of online simulations available.

The sound system in the College Hall received a much needed update. This was a major project as the old system was replaced with a simpler and more powerful package. We also took the opportunity to replace the old projector and screen and install to large flat panels on each side wall of the Hall to help the audience at the rear of the space remain engaged.

The upgrade of the technology in the classrooms is almost complete. Two more classrooms had interactive projectors installed along with larger whiteboard spaces and a new sound system.

New furniture was purchased for two rooms with large single desks the preference. We are looking to create a mix of learning facilities within the College with collaborative spaces sitting side by side with individual zones. It is essential that there are spaces where all types of learning styles are catered for just as during a school day students engage in a range of learning experiences.

The highlight for many of us was the installation of the fabulous glass walls between a number of rooms in the Assisi Building. The old heavy folding doors have been replaced by easy to move sliding glass panels that allow adjoining rooms to be opened up quickly and simply. We are looking forward to some great collaboration happening between classes in the months ahead.

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