Wandana Program Day 1

Today the College began a two day immersion into indigenous culture. Under the guidance of Wandana, the students began the ‘Binal Bungal’ (listening and learning) Program.

The day started with a full school assembly in the College Hall. Acknowledgement to Country, followed by a Reconciliation prayer created an atmosphere of reverence and reflection as our indigenous students and school leaders were offered the traditional ochre paint markings. At the conclusion of the ceremony students participated in the Smoking and Cleansing ceremony with members of the community encouraged to place a gum leaf into the smoking Coolomon.

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The rest of the day was devoted to experiencing the Yigi-Yigi (didgeridoo), Jurrngkurr (traditional tools and weapons), a guided meditation and the Julngkul Warrma (painting story). The Julngul Warrma that the students began creating today is simply stunning. The painting represents the school’s history and core values. All members of the school community are encouraged to contribute to the painting and it was fabulous to see Sr Louise and Sr Pia come down and be part of the process.

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We are all looking forward to the rest of the school sharing in the same experiences tomorrow, with the presentation of the Julngkul Warma at the closing ceremony tomorrow afternoon sure to be the highlight of the program. Special thanks to Ms Batman for the magnificent opening ceremony and the coordination of the two day program.

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