LOVE BiTES Comes to St Clare’s

Our Year 10 students in conjunction with the Year 10 students from St Mary’s Cathedral College participated in the highly regarded LOVE BiTES Program yesterday.

The LOVE BiTES program originated on the Mid North Coast of NSW and has spread across the nation as the need to educate our young people in developing respectful relationships becomes more pressing.

The program consisted of two interactive education workshops, the first on Domestic and Family Violence and the second on Sexual Assault. The workshops were followed by a creative session that consolidated the information from the morning workshops.

Male and female facilitators present the program as a team and LOVE BiTES consistently models respectful relationships between male and female students, teachers and workers. The artworks and other work created in the creative sessions are the basis for local campaigns to challenge Violence against Women in their community. This campaign is led by and delivered by young people.

The joining with St Mary’s Cathedral College was the first formal gathering of both Colleges and we were delighted with the interaction between the students and the wonderful responses they gave to some very challenging topics. It is not easy to share thoughts and feelings openly when you are in an unfamiliar environment but both groups demonstrated the respect and maturity demanded by the topics under discussion.

Overall the day was a massive success. We hope that this will be just one of many collaborative projects that take place between two wonderful schools.

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