Year 7 Zoo Excursion

On Tuesday 25th July, Year 7 students participated in a Science excursion to Taronga Zoo to have a hands on experience exploring the concepts of adaptation and classification of animal species.

The day commenced with a screening of a film that informed us about the different endangered species and how to save them. An example was how turtles are endangered due to plastic bag pollution in the oceans as they mistake the plastics bags for food such as jellyfish.

We then met a zookeeper who was with her seal friend Charlie, who explained to us the different classification of animals and what animals belonged in each group. Her friend Charlie the seal is a mammal therefore he belongs in that classification. She amazed us with her knowledge of animals, telling us that there are some species called invertebrates that have no backbone, such as worms and snails.

We also had the extraordinary opportunity to pat snakes, frogs and lizards. We then embarked on an exploration of the zoo, seeing all sorts of animals from all over the world. The day ended with a remarkable bird show, that left us all in awe. Not only did we learn about many different species of birds, but we also had the opportunity to experience these birds up close, such as the black cockatoo flying over our heads.

This excursion to Taronga zoo was a great experience that we all loved and also taught us about classification and adaptation of animals in depth.

Isabelle Matouk (Year 7)

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