Year 8 Reflection Day

These two reflections from our Year 8 students were typical of the feedback generated from the group after spending a day with the legendary Chris Doyle. Chris has performed his unique brand of music in front of countless students across the Archdiocese for many years. His humour and abundant musical talent are a great combination and leave everyone feeling uplifted and thankful for the blessings they have been given.

On Monday the 31st of July, all of Year 8 participated in a Reflection Day. We were lucky enough to have Chris Doyle come in to remind us the importance of values like love, faith, respect and appreciation in our lives. We were able to participate in many games, singing and dancing, which made the day even more enjoyable and packed with fun!

I think that what we learnt as a whole year has really opened our eyes to see just how lucky we are in a safe and friendly community. So thank you to the teachers who came a long and to Chris who made this day a great and memorable experience.

Kate O’Sullivan, Year 8

On behalf of Year 8 I would like to thank all the teachers who organised our terrific Reflection Day. I had a fun time engaging in the activities that Chris Doyle had planned for us. The Reflection Day helped us to become spiritually connected with ourselves and others, through laughing with our friends and participating in activities. Through song and games it encouraged us to be selfless and open up to others. I am sure I can speak for all Year 8 when saying that we are looking forward to our next Reflection Day!

Lily Garratt, Year 8

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