UNSW Sunsprint Challenge

Our four teams were at UNSW on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd September as part of this year’s Sunsprint Challenge. In their first attempt at the Challenge the teams were magnificent and represented the College in outstanding fashion.

On Friday all teams worked on fine tuning their cars in preparation for racing on Saturday. There were a number of opportunities to race and test throughout the day as well as some time to observe the more advanced designs created by some of the experienced schools. The students from St Mary’s Cathedral College worked closely with our teams to help them be more competitive on race day. This is one of the wonderful aspects of the Challenge as teams help each other to get the most of their cars.

Our four teams enjoyed great success on Friday winning most of the races they entered. Confidence was certainly high heading into race day on Saturday.

Again teams had the opportunity to work on their cars overnight and first thing Saturday morning. We then went into another three rounds of racing before moving into knockout rounds. A number of the teams that we beat on Friday had done some serious work on their cars overnight and we found ourselves a little off the pace on Saturday.

After discussion with the Cathedral boys the decision was made to remove the solar maximisers and run at a higher gear ratio. It proved successful but not quite enough to progress us to the Top 8. It was wonderful to see the girls discussing things that they had no idea about before the Challenge started. A great learning experience for all!

We are certainly keen to get back to working on our cars for next year’s Sunsprint.

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