Year 9 Market Day

Market Day was a great success and a terrific example of authentic learning at the College. The Year 9 Commerce classes are to be congratulated on creating such a wonderful event. Speaking to the girls it was obvious how much they got out of the process and how many valuable lessons they took away from the experience. We look forward to them sharing some of the evaluations that will take place over the next few weeks.

Authentic Learning at St Clare's

Our Year 9 Commerce classes have been preparing for ‘Market Day’ for most of this term and Friday’s activities were the culmination of the hard work and preparation put in by staff and students.

Each class was divided into group with students choosing team members. Initially discussions centred around potential businesses that may be successful on ‘Market Day’.

Each group was given a template of a ‘business report’ from which they then built an outline of the potential business. This was then submitted to the teacher for review. Upon getting the green light for the business each group then started pricing items they needed to get up and running.

Each group had to purchase their own stock and was responsible for the ‘marketing’ of their product prior to ‘Market Day’.  Any profits were to be directed to one of the charities the College supports.

It was a great learning experience…

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