Coding Club

The St Clare’s Coding Club had its inaugural meeting this afternoon in the College Library. Quite a few students turned up to see what the club was all about and there was lots of enthusiasm for Mr Pocock’s brilliant presentation.

The Coding Club is an initiative to try and encourage more of our students to explore the world of code. This follows on from our participation in the NCSS Challenge at the end of last term. It was very encouraging to see a number of students who had been involved in both the NCSS Challenge and the UNSW Sunsprint Challenge attend the meeting.

The focus of Mr Pocock’s presentation was on the Raspberry Pi device. We have purchased a number of these devices to assist in the students in developing their skills using the Python programming language.

We would like to thank Mr Pocock for sharing his knowledge with our girls as well as his drive in getting this initiative up and running.


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