STEM Academy

The College is now an official Partner School in University of Sydney’s 2017/18 STEM Academy. The STEM Academy provides an opportunity for schools to send up to six staff to be trained in how to effectively integrate STEM strategies into the classroom.

Last November six of the College staff spent three days at the Women’s College at Sydney University immersing themselves in all things STEM. It was certainly an interesting experience as they were exposed to a wide range of strategies for incorporating STEM into our Maths, Science and Technology classes.


Experts from Sydney University shared their knowledge, and some great resources, that opened their eyes to what is possible when you start to think about how STEM can engage students. On the final evening Dr Karl spoke to the group about the immense changes we can expect over the next decade in all sorts of fields like technology, engineering and the climate. Reinforcing to all the need to start to think about how we can prepare our students for a rapidly changing world.

The purpose of the STEM Academy is for each participating school to design a cross-curricular project that will be implemented in 2018. We have designed an integrated project that will incorporate Science, Mathematics and Technology subjects for our 7.1 class. The focus will be on the Sydney Stingless Bees and the driving question behind the project is, ‘Sustainability: Whose Responsibility?’.

This is a pilot project that we are looking to as a possible model for learning that we could implement at the College in the future. We are documenting all aspects of the project and much of that documentation can be found on our Youtube Channel.

Our students have also created a website for the STEM Academy to use in their documentation of the program.