Year 5 STEAM Day

Last Friday over one hundred students from Primary schools around our area participated in a day of problem solving, coding, robotics and app creation. The idea of the day was to promote closer connections with our local Primary schools offering the Year 5 students learning opportunities that may not be available in their current school.

We had four pathways running through the day. The robotics pathway was run by UNSW’s Robogals using Lego robotics to help develop the basics of programming. Engineers Without Borders also from UNSW helped the students in their group solve real world problems using simple material available in third world nations. Jim Hayden, one of Apple’s educational leaders led an app development program on iPads using Keynote while two of the St Clare’s Science team taught coding skills through the use of the Sphero robot balls.

The day was a wonderful celebration of learning and followed on from the Year 4 Curriculum Day held last Friday for over one hundred and fifty students from local Primary schools. It is essential that closer connections are developed between both Primary and Secondary education to help make the transition from one to the other more seamless.

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