Year 7 Keady Charingfield Visit

As part of our ‘Gratitude’ theme for the Pastoral Care program Year 7 girls from the Keady House spent time with the residents of Charingfield. The girls had spent each Pastoral Care period this term preparing gifts and Christmas cards for each resident. They had also practised dance routines to match a beautiful selection of Christmas songs to entertain the Charingfield community.

This was an absolute delight to be part of. Watching the residents clap along to the songs and to see the looks on their faces when the girls presented them with a card and gift was priceless. There were some very special moments for all of us as we connected with the residents and discovered some of their wonderful stories.

There was a lovely message to the girls from one of the retired Christian Brothers who lives at Charingfield. He had also gone to the trouble of purchasing and wrapping a small gift for the girls. Here is part of the message he shared:

Dear young and educated women,

Thanks you for your kindness in coming to visit us at Charingfield with your lovely voices and delightful presence. We all deeply appreciate it very much.

Please God in your lifetime you will experience a marked change in the role of women in the Catholic Church. Before I close you may tell your parents just how fortunate they are to have you in their family. Why? Because you will look after them when they need care when they are like myself.

When we read this back at school we were all moved by these words. The messages behind the words touch on some of the major issues facing our Church and our society.

All students across the College took part in the ‘Gratitude’ activities and we look forward to sharing more of this fabulous tradition over coming days.

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