Beatrice’s ‘lost language’ finds place in ARTEXPRESS

We are so proud of Bea. She is an amazing person and we miss having her around the College. Bea contributed greatly to many of our College events by sharing her photographic expertise. Her achievements are a tribute to her hard work and talent, however, as mentioned in this article great credit goes to our amazingly talented Visual Arts teachers, Mrs Tofler and Mrs Smith. They give up so much of their own time to ensure our girls have every chance to succeed. We are so lucky to have them as part of the St Clare’s family.

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Beatrice Tekiko has turned an early art assignment on displacement and the experience of embracing her Filipino heritage into a lauded major work.

The St Clare’s College Waverley Year 12 graduate’s painting Nawawalang Wika – which means Lost Language in Tagalog – was selected for HSC Visual Arts showcase ARTEXPRESS from more than 9,000 student artworks across NSW.

The painting will be on show at Orange Regional Gallery in August. Her parents have already planned a road trip to attend the exhibition’s opening night.

Even though it was a HSC assessment, it didn’t feel like it because I really enjoyed it.

– Beatrice Tekiko

Beatrice said she considered physical, mental and emotional displacement during a Year 11 assessment task before deciding to pursue cultural displacement as the subject of her artwork.

“I have Filipino friends who can’t speak Tagalog because they have grown up with English their entire lives,” she…

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