Coding is a major focus of the College, particularly in our Stage 4 classes. We have been building momentum over the past few years and coding is now an integral part of learning in a number of subjects.

In 2017 the Coding Club commenced as a way of generating interest in coding amongst our students. The level of interest was small but we had a core group of students keen to learn more about the various coding languages. In 2018 we joined with Apple and the Coder Academy as part of a pilot project to look at ways coding can be integrated into the classroom. We launched a pilot project which had its focus on app development for iOS. The students used Xcode 9 to learn how to build an app from scratch.

In 2018 we ran a trial of the Australian Computing Academy modules in some of our Year 7 Mathematics classes. These resources allow you to teach Mathematical concepts through coding. A number of ACA modules have now been included in the Stage 4 Design and Technology classes to ensure our students have the fundamental skills when it comes to coding.

The need for a Coding Club subsided as we were able to offer numerous coding opportunities across the year groups. Our involvement with Grok Learning has seen students across Years 7 to 12 participate in many of the Challenges they run throughout the year.

Grok host the National Computer Science School Challenge which provides a great opportunity for students to learn more about coding while taking part in a national competition. In 2018 we had nearly fifty students taking part in the Challenge with four students achieving a perfect score. We doubled our participation in 2019 and intend having all Year 7 and Year 8 students take part in the Challenge in 2020.

We are one of the Champion Schools listed on the Grok Learning website due to the high profile coding has within the College.



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