Year 11 Sport

Last year we made an effort to get our Year 11 students out of the College for one period per cycle where they could get away from the pressures of school and enjoy each other’s company while participating in some relaxed sporting activities. The girls responded well to this initiative and we have continued this with our current Year 11 cohort.

This year we have put more structure into the program to target wellbeing through mind and body by offering three options for the girls to choose from. Yoga, fitness and self-defence are the three pathways with each helping to build strength and resilience to deal with the many challenges that face us all in our day to day lives.

The self-defence option was very popular with the girls with more students selecting this option than the class was able to handle. We have partnered with the Sydney Self Defence Centre in offering a five session course designed to equip the girls with skills that will empower them to make effective decisions when under pressure.

The first session last Friday was very positive with our instructors Chris and Phu guiding the class through some basic movements.

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