Coding Success

As part of our coding initiative all students who join our Coding Club receive a subscription to Grok Learning. Grok Learning is Sydney University’s education start up designed to make coding accessible to students across the nation. Grok Learning regularly hosts competitions to stimulate interest in different aspects of coding.

Most recently they held the Web.Comp competition which required students to use code to create a website. Jasmine Hinds from Year 11 competed and achieved a perfect score of 240 out of 240. Jasmine has been a regular participant in the Grok Learning competitions over the last year and is one of our best coders.

Jasmine was asked about her Web.Comp experience. “Over the course of five weeks, I participated in a competition called the Web.Comp Design Tournament, which was run by Grok Learning. I was required to complete a set of challenges each week, which taught me everything I needed to know about designing a website. This knowledge came in handy during the last week, in which I had to design a website using CSS and HTML language. This was a great opportunity to further my knowledge of coding and I highly recommend the competition to anyone who wants to learn to code.”

Jasmine’s website was selected to be on the Grok Learning Leaderboard.

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