On Monday 21st May some of our best coding students spent time at the Commonwealth Bank’s AMAZE event. The Commonwealth Bank believes that jobs of the future will be very different to what they are today and it is essential that students and teachers have an understanding of what that may look like.

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The aim of AMAZE is to educate and inspire our young people to develop their skills in Science, Maths and Technology so they will be ready to take their place in a rapidly evolving workforce.

Our girls had a fabulous time exploring some of the new technologies on display. We heard from representatives in a variety of areas talk about the way technology is impacting on the business world.

The Mastercard team showed us the ring they are developing that will replace the credit card for ‘tap and go’ payments. The Telstra representative showcased their robot that will be replacing people at their Telstra shops while there were numerous exhibitions showcasing virtual, augmented and mixed reality products. Artificial intelligence systems were also prevalent throughout the displays.

The focus was not just on technology as we experienced a ‘laughter workshop’ that is used in the business world to assist in the wellbeing of staff. We also heard from the NSW Police in a cyber safety session that reinforced the importance of good digital citizenship.

AMAZE was a wonderful experience and we hope it is the first of many that we are able to experience through the Commonwealth Bank’s Girls in Tech program.

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