Year 9 Evangelisation Day

On the 18th of May, some girls in Year 9 alongside Ms Ribeiro had the opportunity to attend an Evangelisation Day at Mary Mackillop College. Evangelisation is about preaching the gospel, and this was the main focus of the day. We heard from many inspiring speakers, musicians and other religious coordinators who were advocates for the Catholic faith and importance of youth in keeping these beliefs and values prominent in the world. It was a very interactive and interesting event and we learnt so many new things as well as hearing some very moving stories displaying the amazing courage and strength many followers of the Catholic faith have had. I think all the girls felt that it was a very inspiring and enjoyable day and we hope to see this program being held for many more years to come. Thank you very much to Ms Ribeiro for organising this amazing day and arranging such a fun bus trip! Kate O’Sullivan


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