Construction Underway

Our Sunsprint teams are getting ready for this year’s UNSW Sunsprint Challenge taking place at the end of this month. The Challenge is a great STEM project and we hope to be more than competitive this year. We have four teams competing, all having experienced the high and lows of solar car racing in 2017.

UNSW Sunsprint Challenge

Construction of our cars for this year’s Challenge is underway following a late start to the project. Quite a number of our team members were involved in last term’s App Developer program which meant little time was able to be devoted to thinking about Sunsprint.

Fortunately most team members participated in last year’s Challenge and had  a clear idea of what they wanted this year’s design to include. Once we had our head around the regulations coming up with a design was quite straight forward.

Last year the focus was on a simple design using balsa. This enabled the teams to be competitive and ensure we were able to participate throughout both days. This year the emphasis is on speed and weight.

This is typical of involvement in the Challenge. All teams go through this development phase and it is only when you have taken part do you realise the…

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