2018 NCSS Challenge Update

We currently have forty-nine students across Years 7 to 10 involved in the National Computer Science Schools Challenge. This is a five week coding challenge for students across the nation. Each week students are issued with new challenges to work through and in doing so learn how to code using the Python language.

At present two of our students are at the top of the leaderboard at the halfway point in the Challenge. Janice Nyoto from Year 10 is competing at the Intermediate level and has achieved the maximum 150 points available, while Kate Wilsmore and Leila Vanderkamp, both from Year 7, have achieved the maximum 250 points in the Beginner Challenge.

It is wonderful to see so many of our girls participating in the Challenge. We hope to see even more in 2019!

Our top five students in the Beginner level are:

Leila Vanderkamp and Kate Wilsmore 250, Anushri Ranasinghe 249, Lucy Sullivan 248, Scarlett De Luca 247.

Our top five students in the Intermediate level are:

Janice Nyoto 150, Annabelle Wendler, 120, Rebecca Marzol, Jessica Valenzuela and Bella Ludlow all on 110.


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