Coding Perfection

Four of our students achieved the perfect result in the National Computer Science Schools Challenge that finished on Sunday. Kate Wilsmore, Olivia Finne-Grant and Leila Vanderkemp all achieved the maximum result possible, 410 out of 410 in the Beginner Level while Janice Nyoto achieved 250 out of 250 in the Intermediate Level. This is a wonderful achievement!

Out of the forty-nine students that registered for the NCSS Challenge, twenty-three completed all the weekly challenges. It was very encouraging to see so many of our Year 7 students completing the Challenge and doing so well. This is a great sign for the future of coding at the College.

Our top performers in the Beginner Level (out of 410) were:

410: Kate Wilsmore, Olivia Finnie-Grant, Leila Vanderkemp.

409: Calista Burrowes, Zoe Farr, Anushri Ranasinghe, Sophia Pappas.

408: Emily Rowley, Danni Cohen.

407: Scarlett De Luca, Lucy Sullivan.

404: Isabella Vasiliou.

400: Lara Beer.

Our top performers in the Intermediate Level (out of 250) were:

250: Janice Nyoto.

210: Isabella Ludlow.

200: Jessica Valenzuela, Annabelle Wendler, Rebecca Marzol.


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