On Friday the 31st August young people from the age of 16 to 35 came to St Clare’s in celebration of the Sydney Eastern Deanery’s event, EastFest. All individuals there were united together in praise and worship by the Come Alive Worship band, experiencing an insightful and powerful reflection from Fr Daniel McCaughan.

The night may have begun with wind and rain, however despite the weather EastFest attracted close to three hundred people. The evening engaged those young people present in worship and praise through singing, prayer, adoration and reconciliation throughout the evening. The evening provided each individual there to be mindful and reflect on their own unique path to attain sainthood each day. The atmosphere and spirit of the evening was exhilarating.

EastFest provided all young people there with various opportunities for worship and joining other external youth groups around the area. I would like to thank all the teachers who assisted in the organisation for such a beautiful event which was provided to our school community. EastFest is another example of our students being engaged in all aspects of College life.

Helen Ktenas

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