On Wednesday, Miss McNally hosted a student leadership handover afternoon. This entailed the current Year 12 leaders working closely alongside our newly elected leaders to unpack what it means to be a leader at St Clare’s. In particular, the Year 12 leaders presented the legacy they want to leave and how you can have impact as a leader.

Ms Louise Winchester was our guest speaker and spoke about transferable leadership skills. She highlighted how the skills the girls have and will learn at the College can be applied in a positive way in their day to day lives and beyond life at St Clare’s.

The girls then broke into their core leadership groups, Aneska, Bonaventure and Ortolana where our current leaders offered the new leaders some advice about the role, They looked closely at what their roles and responsibilities are and what they can expect.

The Year 12 group then matched up with their successive leader who has been given the same role and spoke individually about what leadership is and presented a blank hand to them which they had written a quote around the outside. This was symbolic of how our current cohort of leaders will influence the decisions these girls make but from the outside, based on the legacy they have left. The hand was left blank to symbolise that as new leaders each young woman will need to write their own path one that is individualised to their beliefs and leadership style.

It was a wonderful afternoon and one we hope will build a strong and united student leadership group in 2019.

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