Year 12 Design and Technology Students Nominated for SHAPE

Congratulations to our Year 12 Design and Technology graduates Fiona Bakis, Jacqueline O’Sullivan and Luella White who have been nominated for the possible inclusion in SHAPE 2018. ‘What does this mean in the Design and Technology world?’

The SHAPE 2018 exhibition is an annual exhibition of a selection of exemplary Major Design Projects developed by HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design students. If selected, these works will be on display at the Powerhouse Museum, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), Sydney, from 22 February to 5 May 2019.

Fiona Bakis – ‘BeneFIT’ is an Educational Wellbeing App for Adolescents which aims to motivate, educate and raise awareness of the benefits of an active and balanced lifestyle for young adolescent females, with a focus on St Clare’s Students.

Jacqueline O’Sullivan – #movetobemindful – An interactive Dance and Wellbeing Poster and Film Campaign which aims to raise awareness of mental health issues in the dance industry, in addition to promoting dance as a creative and enjoyable form of exercise, resulting in both physical and mental health benefits.

Luella White – Plastic Vogue – An Unconventional Plastic Pollution Fashion Statement in the form of a dress that is constructed completely out of used coffee cups and plastic wrappers. The garment is a promotional tool used to encourage society to act more sustainably when purchasing, using and disposing of plastic materials and products throughout its lifecycle.

We are so incredibly proud of these students for their continuous hard work, dedication and passion for design as well as their teacher Ms Sally Leong, who gave so much of her time and expertise to make this recognition possible.


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