AIME Kindling Day Excursion

Last Friday a group of the ATSI girls from Year 7 to Year 12 attended an end of year AIME Kindling Day celebration at Sydney University.

What is AIME?

AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) is an educational program that gives Indigenous high school students the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to love learning. By matching Indigenous high school students with university student mentors, AIME successfully supports the students with their learning and belief in themselves. AIME means equality for some, learning for others, kindness for many, hope for those who dare to, and measurable outcomes and action for all. AIME has the roots of the past and the waves of the future beating through its veins. AIME is mentoring, like you’ve never imagined.

The girls from St Clare’s had a great day filled with activities to connect with each other. The indigenous dancing was a mix of young and old dancers and told us the story of the willy wag-tail bird. The girls participated in many activities – from making friendship bracelets to mapping their language and tribal group in Australia. We watched inspiring presentations on the topic of  “What is real or fake news in today’s society?” and enjoyed performances by a variety of students who sang, spoke and shared their various talents.

The aroma of the gum leaves in the smoking ceremony made us feel like we were in the Australian bush  – Smoking ceremonies are an ancient custom among Aboriginal Australians in which native plants are burnt to produce smoke to ward off bad spirits, acknowledge ancestors and pay respect to the land and sea of country. The smoke is believed to have healing and cleansing properties.

It was a great day to connect with the Indigenous culture, each other and be encouraged about our learning. The AIME vision to bring rebellious mentoring to every campus in the world and see every university student across the earth mentoring high school kids with their education appears to be working.

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