Year 5 STEAM Day Highlights

There were a number of wonderful activities that took place last week when we hosted 130 Year 5 students from around the district. From building mini solar cars through to creating digital self portraits using iPads, the Year 5 students participated in some fabulous learning experiences and created some wonderful pieces of work along the way.

The Digital Art workshop was led by a group of our Year 10 Visual Art class. These students were amazing as they worked with the Year 5 students to create their own self portrait. The began by taking a photo of each of the Year 5 students and printing them in colour. The Year 5 students used these as a guide to create their image. The app they used was Brushes Redux. This app allows them to use a variety of brush sizes and shapes using their fingers. By zooming in they are then able to create some very fine detail within their image to come up with an image that is very realistic.

Our Year 5 students took some time to become familiar with the app so not all were able to complete their image. On the whole they did some amazing work and most were very happy with how their self portrait came together.

We left our video camera recording a couple of the other workshops. Using stop motion you can get a sense of what the students were working on in both the Space Flashbuild and the Mini Sunsprint Challenge.

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