Year 7 Orientation Week

Our new Year 7 cohort has made a wonderful start to their time at the College. We ran an orientation program last week that gave the students all they needed to be able to navigate the first few weeks of school successfully.

During Orientation Week students were grouped into their core classes and then moved through a series of sessions that covered using their devices, connecting to the internet, accessing the Student Portal, reviewing the Student Acceptable Use Agreement, Homeroom procedures, Library procedures and a general tour of the facilities.

Last Friday all Year 7 students participated in a ‘Belonging Day’. This was designed to help them know more about the College and the charism of the Poor Clare Sisters. The highlight of the day was the traditional ‘Garden Walk’ with Sr Louise. During the walk Sr Louise explained the significance of the statues and mosaics throughout the garden as well as highlighting how important the garden is to the Poor Clare community.

The first few weeks in Year 7 can be overwhelming and the College has many support structures in place to assist students make the transition as seamless as possible. Issues with devices can be sorted quickly by visiting the staff in the Library and issues around pastoral care are dealt with promptly by the Homeroom teacher and the House Deans.

We look forward to sharing many of the wonderful experiences our new students will participate in throughout 2019.

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