Study Hubs

This year the College has introduced a new format to our timetable structure. Each Day 8 of the fortnightly cycle has been restructured to allow staff to spend two hours on sustained professional development sessions. To accommodate this the periods are shortened to fifty minutes with students finishing classes at 2:10pm. At the conclusion of classes Study Hubs commence in the College Library.

The Study Hubs are led by our senior students and are structured around providing assistance for younger students who need help with particular subjects. In the first two cycles of the year these Study Hubs have proved very popular with numerous students flocking to the Library after classes to get assistance from our seniors.

Today we were fortunate to have a number of our High Achievers from the HSC class of 2018 assisting. To have access to such successful students was a real bonus, particularly for some of the current seniors. Just another example of the wonderful community we have here at St Clare’s. Service is a big part of the message the students receive in their time at the College and it is wonderful to see it being lived out so visibly.

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