Year 7 Reflection Day

On Thursday 7th March our Year 7 students gathered for their first ‘Reflection Day’ at the College. The program for the day was run by the Youth Mission Team. Here is a short reflection on the day from one of our Year 7 students.

Reflection Day 2019 was an amazing experience for all Year 7 students. The first thing we did was dance around in a circle while music was playing, in order to get settled. There was a great (but loud) atmosphere. The Youth Mission Team introduced themselves and told them a little bit about what they do. Our theme for this Reflection Day was friendship. Throughout the day, they performed interactive skits outlining friends and inclusion.

One of the drama situations was about giving your heart to God. Giving and sharing will make you feel better than keeping things for yourself, and being kind results in kind actions towards you. We also played a few tournaments, like a co-operation-based balloon finding game where we had to direct somebody on our team (who was blindfolded) to a balloon which they had to pop. This involved a lot of screaming.

Afterwards, we separated into small groups where we did three different activities: a personal friendship worksheet, relating a certain item to life (Nokia, mountains, rock, etc.) and creating a co-operative moving and working machine out of our bodies. At the end of the day, a white cross was put at the front of the Hall and we could go up and sign our names with a marker. Reflection Day was such a fun and interesting day and was clearly worthwhile. I would definitely recommend this for years to come, and I’m sure everyone else would agree with me.

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