Year 7 Camp

Our Year 7 cohort spent three days at the Collaroy Centre last week building friendships and having a lot of fun. The idea of the camp was to allow the students to spend getting to know students from the other Year 7 classes.

Here are three first hand reports from our Year 7 students:

I really enjoyed camp at the Collaroy Centre. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and create many new friendships. The activities were fantastic and everyone was always there cheering each other on. The first activity I started with was laser tag. It was really fun and an amazing way to work as a team with your camp group. We then got into our cozzies and had heaps of fun in the sun. We went on a huge slide that went across the grass and we participated in many water activities in our house groups. The day was almost over, but we were lucky enough to watch a movie… Frozen is the best.

The next day we were back in our cozzies and headed down to the local lake. We had the choice of kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. I was lucky enough to swap with another student, so I had the opportunity to do both. Then we went down to the beach, with the choice of boogie boarding or surfing. Either way you would have loads of fun. I did surfing and I had a blast. We headed back to the campsite for another activity. It was the flying fox. The weather wasn’t looking too good at the beach and when we began the activity, rain came pelting down. Everyone was soaked and freezing cold. All the people in my group wanted a go at this activity, so we all stayed and it was extremely fun and worthwhile. We even got another go!

We were dry and about to start our reflection. We wrote something nice about everyone in our House group. This was to go into our PC book, to look back when we are older. Then we started Year 7 Trivia. My group the Destiny Sisters ended up winning the entire competition. The trivia had many challenges in between the questions, one being pie face. It was a great way to end our last night at Collaroy! The next morning we did the giant swing, everyone helped pull up each person. We got two turns and it was extremely fun and scary. Then we headed to our last activity, high ropes. Everyone was always encouraging each other and we were all a bit sad that camp was almost over. We then headed down for lunch. Then we were off! On the bus, heading towards school.

I’m really glad I had this wonderful opportunity and I thank all of the teachers and instructors who made it possible. Especially Mr D’Archy! It was a really great way to start the year and it definitely helped me to settle into high school.

Keira Nishanian

This year’s camp was awesome! We did so many activities, hung out with our friends new and old and got to spray the teachers with a hose! There was a whole range of things to do, let me tell you everything…

On the first day we all got to school, all in our mufti carrying our luggage buzzing with excitement. After an hour drive we finally got to Collaroy where we started with one of our harness activities. My group had the high ropes. The high ropes were fun obstacles you had to parkour through in the air, it was so much fun! Later we got to do water activities in our houses there was a slip ‘n’ slide, dodge sponge, water basketball and sponge race! Before we knew it the day was over. That night we got to watch Frozen (loud singing) then we got to hangout with our cabin mates.

The next morning we went for a drive down the road for our water activities. First it was stand-up paddle boarding and canoeing then after about 30-60 minutes we left and went to the beach for boogie boarding and surfing. It was “narly mate”. We then had another harness activity, my group did the drop pole where you step off this 10m pole which was so nerve wracking but so thrilling at the same time! That night we had trivia as our night activity hosted by Mr D’archy, which was both fun and a real head scratcher.

This was the sad part because it was the last day :(. We had 2 more harness activities after breakfast. We had outdoor laser tag which my team lost terribly at but it was hardcore. Then we had the flying fox, not the kiddy ones at a park, this was a proper massive one that you just zoom down. Then we had to leave *moaning*

Camp was a great time I cannot wait to go on camp again in Year 9! So I am just counting down the days :).   

Charlize Fox

Year 7 Camp was a fun and exciting experience and a great opportunity to make new friends. There were many activities involving heights that made me along with many other girls push ourselves out of our comfort zone. We were fed with delicious food and had a crazy sing-along movie night watching ‘Frozen’. On our second day, we went to the beach and had a choice of whether to surf or boogie board. I’m grateful I chose boogie boarding because a fabulous learning experience came with it. When we went boogie boarding we got stuck in a rip and struggled to get out, but at the end of the day, I learnt something new. Camp was really enjoyable and I would like to thank the teachers that gave up their time to spend this amazing camp with us.

Selina Nguyen

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