Acknowledgement to Country Project Update

On Thursday 9th May, a group of our ATSI girls – Chloe Matarangas, Emily Russell, Merinda Mihajlovic, Miah Cain, Breanna Riley, Brodie Booth, Yafalina Close-Brown & Sorcha Pearce travelled to Malabar. We gathered at Cromwell Park & Malabar Beach to film for The Acknowledgement to Country video. This is a project the girls have been working over the past few months.

We were truly blessed by the beautiful sunny day, perfect conditions for filming. The colours of nature were at their best as were the girls who acted and performed traditional dance for the video.

The senior girls, Yafa, Sorcha & Brodie, directed the group in the dance performance as well as shared cultural knowledge. All girls were amazing and are to be congratulated on their organisation & performing art skills.

A big thanks to Mrs Freed for coming along to film.

Sarah Collins
ATSI Support

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