Stingless Bee Garden

In 2018 our Year 7.1 students participated in a STEM project as part of our partnership with Sydney University’s STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy. The driving question for the project was, ‘Sustainability: Whose Responsibility?’ with the focus of the project being our native stingless bees.

The result of the project was the installation of a native stingless bee hive in our beautiful front garden. The hive has now been in place for six months and our bees are thriving in their new home. The native stingless bee does not produce the same volume of honey as the more common honey bee but we are hoping to be able to extract some honey later in the year under the guidance of our mentor, Elke Haege, from Native Stingless Bees.

This project has been recognised as an outstanding example of STEM education by being nominated as a finalist in the 2019 Australian Education Awards. The project was the first in our partnership with Sydney University and has led to the College implementing more STEM projects in 2019.

Our front garden has taken on a new purpose with our bees busy pollinating up to eight hundred metres from the College. They certainly are a great addition to our local community.

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