Running For Premature Babies

On Sunday 21st of May, four of our St Clare’s girls and two of their awesome parents ran in the SMH Half Marathon. Sophie Khov of Year 10 partnered up with Ashley Lowe of Year 10, Isabella Vasilliou of Year 8 partnered up with her mum Kate Vasiliou and Lily Haugh of Year 7 partnered up with her dad Anthony Haugh.

The Running For Premature Babies (RFPB) is a foundation started by Sophie Smith and her late husband Ashley after losing their triplet sons Henry, Jasper and Evan who were born prematurely. When Sophie came and spoke to our school at an assembly, there was no question about being involved in such a special cause and supporting such an incredibly strong, resilient woman and her family. Sophie Smith is truly inspirational.

The entire SMH Half Marathon, which consisted of 12,000 participants supporting 1133 charities raised $781,947. Our team, “RFPB” which consisted of 450 runners raised $286,890 – that’s 37% of the entire event’s fundraising! Such an awesome achievement and one we as a St Clare’s team are very proud to have contributed towards.

With the money we raised collectively, the Royal Hospital for Women will be able to purchase 14 pieces of life-saving equipment, making up 2 new complete baby stations in their NICU, which means 2 more critically ill babies can be cared for at any one time. Additionally, we have been able to fund 3 pieces of ground-breaking research, led by Neonatologist Dr Tim Schindler, into new ultrasound technology, the use of paracetamol medications and evaluating outcomes of babies born prematurely.

Not only was I incredibly proud to run alongside these amazing people and being a part of the St Clare’s RFPB team but I was also so very proud to be a part of supporting such a very special cause. It was such a great experience and one I will certainly never forget.

Thank you to Sophie, Ashley, Isabella, Lily, Kate and Anthony for putting their hands up to be a part of this important event, for representing St Clare’s and most importantly for making a difference in their own unique way. Special mention must be made to Sabrina Gunesch of Year 7 and her mum Veronika. Sabrina was part of the team but had to pull out due to injury, however Sabrina and her mum still came and met us at the start of the race, super early on Sunday morning (6am) to wish us all the best. Your support was very much appreciated.

Thank you to you all for once again showing me the spirit at St Clare’s and reminding me how special our St Clare’s community is.

Miss Louise Winchester

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