Splitting Our Beehive

This afternoon, Elke Haege, of Elke’s Bees, took time out of her busy schedule to visit the College and check on the health of our hive of native stingless bees. She was joined by our 7.1 class who will be responsible for monitoring the health of the hive throughout this term as part of the current STEM project they are involved in.

In what was a fascinating visit, Elke opened the hive to reveal a very healthy and thriving bee colony. It was absolutely incredible to see inside the hive and taste the nectar and pollen. The native stingless bees are not prolific producers of honey so it was a unique experience for the students to sample both.

Elke worked with our Year 7 students throughout Term 4, 2018 to help them understand the critical role bees play in our everyday lives. She also ran a number of workshops where the students learnt about the different types of native bees in our environment. We have been very fortunate to partner with such a passionate expert who has taught us so much about these amazing creatures.

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